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Workshop : Taking Your Business Online

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Jul 30 2013
Jul 30 2013
A Workshop for Women Entrepreneurs and NGO Leaders

Taking Your Business Online is designed to give participants a practical understanding of how to use the internet for achieving business and marketing objectives. These days discussions have shifted beyond whether a company’s marketing would benefit from being on the internet and has become how to better leverage the digital assets to improve the image and bottom line of the business. This is the core concept of the workshop.

Gain a basic understanding of computer hardware, software and networking options for conducting business online
Understand the key concepts, terminology and how to establish online activity and platforms such as websites, blogs, newsletters and social media
Understand the benefits, drawbacks and rules associated with being online
Have the confidence to develop a plan to move part or all of your business online
Learn how to develop an Online Marketing Plan
Understand and plan how to use social media more effectively
Learn how to analyze web traffic statistics, identify patterns and influence customer behavior

Send email to for an application forms.
Or register online at

Overnight accommodation can be arranged for participants

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Scholarships are available for qualified participants.